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Here’s How To Use Fake Gps Without Mock Location and Root

Fake Gps Without Mock Location
Fake Gps Without Mock Location

Use Fake Gps Without Mock Location – Almost all Android phones are equipped with a GPS location detection application right where you are

However, for various reasons, some users may find this feature annoying because they don’t want to divulge their actual location online, and want to completely stop sharing any form of location on online apps.

Or in other cases, they want to access apps that are not available in their country or region, which is the most common reason behind users wanting to fake their exact location.

Use Fake Gps Without Mock Location and Root

If you want to disguise your real location without being detected by a mock location, this is the right place for you to read in more detail how to do it.

All Android phones come with a hidden feature called “Mock Location”. Through this setting, we can manually change the location of the phone to any place we like.

Although this developer option was originally introduced to change GPS location to test certain parameters, it is now being used by some Android users to fake their actual location. If you want to use mock location feature on your Android device, you must enable allow mock location in Developer Options.

Some of the benefits of using incognito on your Android phone are given as follows.

  • By using the mock location feature, you can avoid any form of information leakage that could expose your privacy.
  • There are some online AR games like Pokemon Go, where your location is constantly being tracked by the app. This location can be seen by other players as well. You can easily change this location to any place you like by using the mock location feature.
  • Certain social networking apps like Tinder are also location based. Here, you will get matches according to your location. With the mock location feature, you can change your exact location and interact with people who are in another area, city, or even country.

There are 2 ways to use fake gps without a mock location, but both still require modification on your android phone.

All standard cellphones that have not been modified, when using fake gps will always ask to allow mock locations by activating mock locations in developer options.

  1. Hide Mock Location Using Xposed
    This method of implementation is quite time-consuming and long, because it requires installing twrp or root into your smartphone, and of course you need extra strength and expertise to make this modification. The first thing you need to do is install twrp or root your android phone, then install xposed / lsposed and the like, then you have to install the mock bypass module into xposed. Then we just have to install a fake gps and then activate it immediately.
  2. Using Modified Build ROM and Custom ROM
    This method is the easiest, if you don’t have expertise in rom modifications, or rebuild roms, use a rom build service, by requesting a rom build according to your phone type. You can contact the oprek mania team to place an order for a build rom without activating a mock location.

In this way, you only need to flash your android phone with the Rebuild ROM from our team. Then you can directly use fake gps without mock locations through developer options.

What Phones Can Use Build ROM?

Currently we can provide rom build services without mock locations for Xiaomi, Samsung, Infinix, Realme, Pocophone, Asus and Vivo types.

In addition to the android phone brand, we need a trial order in the build rom to ensure that after we make modifications to the rom, other applications and the phone system can be used without experiencing problems.

We have tested several types and brands of android phones, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Pocophone, Realme, Infinix, Asus, Vivo and ZTE Nubia.

The build rom that we produce is a rom that we have modified, we can rebuild the Android 6 to Android 11 system for the purpose of Bypass Mock Location.
Mock Location Android 11 we can rebuild the rom, we have a team to make a special rom bypass mock location without mock location through developer options.

That’s the information. This is how to use fake gps without mock locations, I hope this article is useful for you.

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